Waste Transfer Station

What is a Waste Transfer Station?

As a hub for waste collection routes, waste transfer stations receive waste from individual waste collection trucks. At the station, the waste is emptied into large containers, efficiently compacted and transported to a disposal site ( incinerator, landfill, hazardous waste facility or recycling facility) by transfer trucks.

Why we need a waste transfer station?

  • Worldwide trend for waste disposal has been moved towards larger, remote and regional facilities.(Away from the urban or densely populated area)
  • Reduce Costs of transporting waste to disposal facilities.
  • Better Appearance – one Large Clean Transfer Truck as compared to many small usually dirty and leaking collection
    trucks on the road.

Cost Savings:

Example of cost calculation:Vertical operating Waste Transfer Station compared to direct transfer by Collection Trucks ( 500 ton/day-Transfer Station located 35km from collection points)


Vertical Waste Transfer Station Video: